Over 35 Years of History!

Fabco Products is located in Hawkins, Texas owned and operated for over 35 years. We’ve been manufacturing equipment for the oil and gas industry for over 25 years! Our company was founded with a mission of making separation products for the oil industry. In the years following, we’ve grown further but haven’t forgotten where we’ve come from.

Filter Separation Products

Through a special design process, our premium filter separation products for the oil and natural gas industry allow us to guarantee performance. Our filter separation components include vanes, wire mesh mist pads, structure packing, and coalescers built from a variety of materials to suit all applications.

To create something custom, Fabco can also apply a variety of finishes to our premium filter separation products, such as standard textures.

Custom Work for Specialized Clients

At Fabco, we construct our products to satisfy the consumer’s process, conditions, and requirements. Our engineering and manufacturing services have been assisting the needs of the Oil & Gas customers for decades. Our products are in services all over the world.

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