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Bubble Caps

Bubble Caps

Fabco’s bubble cap trays offer low-cost separation for natural gas-dewpoint separation applications.

Bubble cap trays are used for applications where:

  • The liquid rate is low
  • A difficult distillation is required
  • Solid matter may be deposited during distillation

They provide good contact between the vapor as it flows upward and the condensate as it flows downward. Bubble caps are designed with a series of risers topped with slotted caps. Rising vapor passes through a series of bubble caps and is forced downward by the cap. The vapor discharges through the slots in the cap and is forced through the liquid on the tray.

Bubble cap trays provide a low-cost alternative for natural gas-dewpoint separation applications. They are used in chemical, petrochemical, and industrial processing applications that require bulk separation of gases and liquids.

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Industries Served

Oil Industry
Gas Industry
Petrochemical Industry
Environmental Industries


Traditional “Fixed” tray bubble cap assemblies


Provides low cost performance for TEG dehydration towers.