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Thermal Electric Treaters

Thermal Electric Treater

Thermal electric treaters are used to remove contaminants from crude oil during the refining process. Fabco Products is a leading manufacturer of thermal electric treaters, known for our innovative, effective designs.

Thermal electric treaters, or electrostatic precipitators, remove containments through an emulsification process. Crude oil is mixed with a reagent or wash water and introduced into an electrode zone where the electrical charge causes the bulk of the containments to combine with the reagent, and drop out of the oil stream. The oil stream then is passed through a second electrode zone. In this zone, an electrical charge causes the fluid to move rapidly, allowing reagent droplets to drop out of the stream. This step removes impurities remaining after the first emulsification step.

Fabco Product’s thermal electric treaters are engineered to perform in the most demanding, high volume refining operations. With consistent separation efficiency up to 99.9%, our electrostatic precipitators will help your refinery operate at peak efficiency.

Our engineers have developed equipment specifically designed to handle the caustic oil extracted from fracking oil fields. Equipped with our exclusive modular power plates/grid system with stainless steel vane blades and hardware, we offer ratings for class 1, divisions 1 and 2, and group D area classifications. We also offer power taps for 12 KVA, 16, KVA, and 20 KVA.

Fabco’s engineers can design a solution for your oil, gas, or petroleum refining operation – to improve your throughput, output purity, and reduce your costs. Call today to see to how we can help the efficiency and effectiveness of your refining operation.


Industries Served

Oil Industry
Gas Industry
Petrochemical Industry
Environmental Industries


Class 1
Division 1 and 2
Group D

Power Taps

12 KVA
16 KVA
20 KVA

Types of Separation

Crude Oil
Oil from Water
Water from Oil
Petrochemical Refinement