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Fabco Custom Separation Products

Fabco Custom Filter Separation Products

Fabco Products designs and manufactures high quality, high performance coalescing plates, structured plate packs, and wire mesh media for use in distillation columns, absorption columns, TEG dehydration towers, pressure vessels and other separation equipment. Due to our experience in designing and manufacturing custom separation products for oil & gas refining and processing, we have developed the expertise to design effective, innovative separation solutions for the chemical processing, industrial processing, waste management, and pollution control industries.

Fabco Products’ coalescing plates, structured plate packs, wire mesh media, and bubble packs are:

  • Manufactured using materials that perform well with caustic and corrosive materials
  • Engineered to provide precise separation for a high quality, controlled end product or exhaust stream
  • Proven to perform well in high volume, demanding environments
  • Long life, easy maintenance products

Fabco Products has earned a reputation for innovative custom solutions to the oil & gas, processing, and environmental industries’ separation challenges. Let us put that expertise to work for you.

Custom Filter Specifications

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Oil and natural gas filter separation

Tightest Tolerance


Material Thickness

Vanes 26gauge
Structure Packing .008
Wire Mesh .009

Material Applied

Bright Tin Plating

Material Used

Carbon Steel

Material Finish


Secondary Operations Applied

Reel to Reel Plating

Industry for Use

Oil and Natural Gas


1,800,000 Pieces

Delivery Time

As Required

Delivery Location


Standards Met

Customer Supplied Print
.DWG AutoCAD File

Product Name

Wire Mesh Mist Pads
Structure Packing

Design Work

AutoCAD Design Software