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Wire Mesh Extractors

WIre Mesh Extractors

Fabco manufactures an extensive line of wire mesh extractors for use in a wide range of industrial applications.

Fabco Products developed its engineered wire mesh extractors to meet the demanding requirements of the oil & gas refining and petrochemical industries. Leveraging our expertise in designing extractors for natural gas separation, we expanded to other applications. We can provide custom engineered wire mesh extractor solutions for:

  • Pollution control
  • Scrubbing combustion gases
  • Chemical separation and extraction
  • Product recovery

Our wire mesh extractors are used in absorption columns, distillation columns, gas and air scrubbers, pressure vessels and natural gas separation equipment. We can engineer a wire mesh that will meet your separation requirements.

Fabco can manufacture wire mesh using a wide range of alloys to provide the properties required for your application, including temperature, corrosion, and abrasion resistance, and mechanical rigidity. We are experts in manufacturing products that perform well in the caustic, corrosive, high volume environments found in natural gas separation applications.

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Industries Served

Oil Industry
Gas Industry
Petrochemical Industry
Environmental Industries


Absorption columns
Distillation columns
Pressure Vessels
Teg Contactors
Glycol / Hydrocarbon Separators
Gas and Air Scrubbers
Gas Filter Separation Equipment
Flame Arrestors

Advantages of Wire Mesh Extractors

Low pressure drop
Low maintenance
Easy installation
Engineered product at a reasonable cost
High quality control